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4 Common Barcode Scanning Problems and Their Solutions

If you run a retail business, barcodes are a critical component for keeping track of your inventory as well as organizing and recognizing your data. As such, it’s important that your barcodes are printed properly. Otherwise, you may suffer from unnecessary data loss and potentially throw off your inventory in the process. With that in mind, it’s highly recommended that you learn everything you can about your barcodes.

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  1. Low Contrast 
    When creating barcodes, contrast between the background (unprinted space) and information (printed space) is incredibly important. This is because if done right, you can successfully scan your barcodes without much problem. However, if there’s an error in the printing process, the contrast can be thrown off, making scanning difficult in the process. To solve this problem, make sure that you properly print your black barcodes on white or light-colored backgrounds and ensure that the codes are well-lit when you’re scanning. Other than that, be sure to also properly adjust your barcode printer so the ink is evenly distributed.

  1. Damage or Distortion 
    Barcode damage or distortion can occur in a number of ways. For instance, if you use shrink wrapping or other plastic coverings for packaging, the wrinkles can cause distortion in the barcodes, making it difficult to properly scan them. Thankfully, with proper preparation, you can easily minimize the damage they can sustain. To do this, simply use better packaging material or be careful with the shrink wrapping to prevent the codes from sustaining damage.

  1. Dead Zone Violation 
    The dead zone is an important blank space around your barcode that is usually kept free of text or symbols. This is because the space allows the barcode scanner to recognize the code and read the data of the product. If stray ink or text makes it to this dead zone by chance, however, you can experience unreadable barcodes. To avoid this issue, be sure to place your barcodes away from other text or symbols. If an error causes ink to bleed into the dead zone, have your barcode printer serviced as soon as possible.

  1. Improper Reading Position 
    Finally, if your barcode reader is held at the wrong angle, you can experience malfunction when scanning your barcode. With that in mind, make sure that the scanner is held directly and at level with the barcode for the best results.

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