A Superb Quality Printer at a Valuable Price

Solutions ID Online recommends the Badgy200 Badge printer.  If your organization needs to print 500 Cards or less per year, the Badgy 200 is the printer for you.  The affordable card printing solution brought to you by Evolis is designed to help customers print professional-quality color badges with perfection & ease.

Evolis Badgy 200 Printer is a full turn-key Single-Sided ID Card Printing Solutions that includes 100 Blank PVC Cards, 1 YMCKO Color Ribbon which yields 100 Prints and Software. More details about Badgy200 can be found at www.solutionsidonline.com   #idcards #evolisbadgy #evolis #idcardprinter #cardprinters #cardprinting #cheapidcardprinter #badgeprinter