Debunking 4 Popular Myths About QR Codes

Debunking 4 Popular Myths About QR Codes

You’ve probably used a QR code at some point. This integral tool not only links consumers with the digital world, but it can also help businesses improve their business operations. QR codes are represented by small boxes that contain a dotted pattern, which can be encoded with different information, ranging from names and phone numbers to tracking numbers and images. But as with most recent technology, QR codes have plenty of myths surrounding them. The reliable card reader ID company, Solutions ID Online LLC, debunks some of these misconceptions here.

QR codes
  1. People don’t use them anymore. Contrary to what some cynics say, QR code technology is still being used today. In fact, they are widely used in digital marketing programs and secured business environments. You can use them to send money, buy and track purchases, and advertise your products. When used in the right context, QR codes can help small and medium-sized businesses improve productivity and reach out to consumers. Because of their versatility and convenience, QR codes have the potential to become one of the more enduring technologies available today. 
  1. Only web addresses can be included in a QR code. Actually, almost anything can be encoded into its code design. Phrases, images and links to a product’s social media – these can be easily integrated into a QR code with the right design and software. They allow for extra inter-connectivity with users and real-world connectivity and usefulness. You can consult a dependable badge maker and barcode printer company, like Solutions ID Online LLC, about how you can add more information to your QR code. 
  1. QR codes are easily damaged. Nope: while it’s possible to smudge or scratch the pattern of a QR code, it works the same way as compact disks (CDs). QR codes come with default error correction. This means that even when they’re scratched or defaced, they can still retain the data encoded into them, which in turn, means they can still be used.
  1. Generating QR codes is complicated. There are many paid and free-to-use software, along with third-party smartphone applications that are available to you. You just have to consider which option will suit your business and specific needs better. 

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