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How to Take Good-Looking Photos for Your ID Cards

It’s a running joke among almost everybody that the photos on their cards always show their ugliest sides. Nobody likes how they look on photo IDs, and, while there are some people who are actually successful in getting a flattering picture, the secret on how to do this is not common knowledge to everyone.

The perfect photo ID isn’t always about proper lighting or striking the best pose. Sometimes, the quality of prints done by your ID card printer also plays a role. Here are some ways to make sure you always make printed IDs that show your employees’ good side.

Choose a Good Camera

Different cameras will have varying output quality when printed through your employee or member card maker. Even if you know the ins and outs of your camera, it’s always best to make sure that it is fully compatible with your printer and your printer software. Double-check its settings, and consult with your technician on how to optimize photo quality between these two pieces of equipment.

Lighting and Background

Ample lighting is needed to make sure you capture photographs as clearly as possible. Lighting alone can make or break any picture you take, and it will certainly show once you print it out on an ID card. You can optimize your lighting by also choosing a good background. A neutral white background is always a safe option, but high contrast is needed if you intend to make edits to the final picture.

Talk to Your Subjects

If you’re taking pictures for your company’s identification system, don’t forget to make your subject smile. The best way to do this is to communicate with them and make them feel relaxed about the photography session. They might even offer you tips on how to capture their good side even better.

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