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ID Card Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind

Whether it’s for school or work, ID cards are items that we use every day. After all, with it, you can gain access to certain areas in your buildings, and you’ll be helping your building’s security system keep track of who comes and goes. However, while IDs may seem sturdy, they can eventually become worn out and damaged from continued use, which can impede scanning and swiping. Luckily, there are a few ways you can protect your ID card.

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Do: Use a Lanyard

Believe it or not, lanyards can go a long way in protecting your ID. This is because having a lanyard around your neck allows you to simply wear your ID card, helping you reduce the amount of times you’ll be putting your ID in your pocket and increasing the card’s lifespan by avoiding repeated friction.

Don’t: Use the ID to Scrape Snow Off Your Windshield

Professionals who live and work in areas that experience snow and ice are sometimes guilty of using their ID cards to scrape snow off their car’s windshield. After all, an ID badge is flat and has a straight edge, making it perfect for removing snow from the windshield. However, this is something that you should never do as it can actually damage your ID card. Not only are you exposing it to cold and moisture, but it also makes your card more rigid in the cold, leaving it vulnerable to snapping with one wrong move.

Do: Laminate the ID Card

Alternatively, you can also get your ID card laminated to protect it from various kinds of damage. Whether it’s a driver’s license, a company ID or membership cards, laminating your ID card is a surefire way to help you increase your ID card’s lifespan. 

Don’t: Use the ID as a Coaster

Surprisingly enough, there are actually some professionals who sometimes use their IDs as coasters for their hot or cold beverages. While this may sound like an ingenious idea, you shouldn’t actually do this even if your ID is laminated. This is because using your ID as a coaster for your hot drink can eventually warp the card, rendering it unusable in the process. Cold drinks, on the other hand, can render it more susceptible to freezing and cracking. As such, avoid using your ID as a coaster, and grab a napkin, paper towel or a piece of cardboard instead.

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