Part 2: How to Clean Your ID Card Printer Properly

Part 2: How to Clean Your ID Card Printer Properly

Cleaning your ID card printer regularly not only ensures consistent print quality and performance, it also helps extend the life of the device. But how exactly do you go about this task? Given how an ID card printer is a big investment–and a crucial part of business operations–you’ll want to make sure you’re doing it the right way. The trusted provider of print ID card solutions, Solutions ID Online LLC, shares the steps here.

  1. Use the appropriate cleaning kit or supplies. Airborne dust and dirt, and even natural oils from your hands, can cause the ID card printer to become grimy. When clearing these from the device, make sure to use only the applicable cleaning kit. Every printer works and is designed differently, after all. Each manufacturer offers one that is specifically designed for that ID card printer. The kit usually includes cleaning rollers, alcohol pens and swabs, and adhesive cards. 
  1. Clean the printer whenever you’re changing the ribbon. You can hit two birds with one stone, so to speak. Because you’re opening the device to change the ribbon anyway, it gives the perfect opportunity to remove any dust or debris stuck inside the ID card printer.
  1. Don’t forget to clean the roller and print head. An ID cards printer usually comes with a roller that collects the dust and dirt on the cleaning card. So these particles don’t travel into the device, make sure to clean or replace this roller on a regular basis. While you’re at it, you should clean the print heads, as well. Use the cleaning swab–which looks like a large Q-tip or marker–included in the cleaning kit. If you’re unsure how to go about it, you can always check your specific manufacturer’s printer manual for the proper way.
  1. Replace the printer ribbon. This way, your ID cards always come up vivid and high-quality. Store the printer ribbons the right way, and always choose ones by the manufacturer’s to ensure they work properly. There is always a big chance that using off-brand printer ribbons can damage your device.
  1. Cover the ID card printer. If you’re not using the device, keep it covered or store it in its carrying case. This protects your ID printers from dust, dirt, and other particles that can hamper its performance and compromise print quality.

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