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Citizens CL E303 Printer

Citizens CL-E303 Printer- Direct Thermal Desktop Printer, 6 Inches Per Second, 4.1-Inch Max Print Width, 300 DPI, USB, LAN, & Serial, Color: White


CL-E303 Printer

When the need is a compact yet high-performance desktop printer, the CL-E303 can be the best option you have got. It is a lightweight, intuitive, and portable printer that seamlessly fits into tiny spaces to deliver impressive printing results. This printer supports labels up to 4.5 inches wide and prints them on a 5-inch media roll – an immensely powerful printer for business purposes.


CL-E303 comes standard with an on-board Ethernet LAN interface, alongside USB and Serial interface; this makes it perfect for all applications. Also, this printer is compatible with Citizen’s Linked Server web management and configuration system.


Compact Design and Feature-rich

CL-E303 is tiny and can fit into any space. It comes standard with a bunch of interesting printing features, including support for 4.5-inch labels. The contemporary design is impressive and blends perfectly with modern architecture.

Multiple Connection Interfaces

The CL-E303 printer supports Ethernet LAN connections with USB and Serial cables. It is easy to print from any system on a network.


Cutting-edge Mechanisms

CL-E303 features a Hi-Lift mechanism and Click Close closure, which makes loading and unloading much easier. The printing speed is also decent at 6 inches per second (150 mm per second). The printer also features a single button control panel with a bunch of sensors.


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