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Sato WS412 Printer

Sato WS412 Printer- Direct Thermal Desktop Printer, 4.09-Inch Max Print Width, 300 DPI, 4 Inches Per Second, USB/RS232/LAN (NA) Interfaces, Includes: US Power Cord

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Sato WS412 Printer

Featuring a user-friendly interface with a printing resolution of up to 300dpi, the Sato WS412 is a cutting-edge, modern-day printer that serves all industries. It comes standard with an Ethernet connection interface and supports wireless connection via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Sato WS412 has a portable design, lightweight, and can be easily moved from one place to another.

The Sato WS412 Printer can produce labels to print 4.9-inch labels, passes, and cards, which delivers exceptional print quality using direct/thermal transfer models. More interestingly, this unit from Sato is affordably priced to provide the best overall user experience- additionally, the functionality can be extended further by purchasing supported add-ons.


Multiple Connection Support

You can connect WS412 to your network via Ethernet, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi to make printing easy from anywhere.

Validated for the Healthcare Sector

The Sato WS412 is Cerner Validated, and thus, it is safe for hospitals and other organizations in the healthcare sector – for printing cards, labels, IDs, and passes.

Good Speed

WS412 prints 300dpi at up to 4ips. It prints faster and higher quality than most other its closest counterparts. The Sato WS412 is generally sturdy and efficient. And best used in the following customer applications Logistics, Transportation Retail General Office, Government, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Healthcare, & Hospitality.






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