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Datalogic QuickScan 2430 Scanner

Datalogic QuickScan 2430 Scanner-Corded, QuickScan, 2D Area Imager, Omnidirectional, USB Kit, Color: White, Includes: USB Cable

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Datalogic QuickScan 2430

QuickScan QD2400 comes with a new aiming and illumination technology designed to reduce operational stress while using this imager. It is a rugged, lightweight imager capable of scanning any 2D bar code and suitable for use in any business environment, including applications at the point-of-sale (POS) posts. This imager is specifically designed for retail businesses – to meet the market demand for outstanding omnidirectional reading performance on all kinds of codes.

Interestingly, this imager is affordable and features an elegant design; coupled with a balanced, lightweight enclosure that does not sacrifice Datalogic’s reputable durability. With this imager, you can quickly scan complex 2D codes on devices’ screens and linear codes. It delivers fast and accurate results, improving productivity and simplifying many business tasks.

Features Highlights

  • This image features a soft, dark red illumination combined with dual blue LED triangles pointing at the targeted bar code for a precise aiming system and accurate result.
  • Reads all kinds of (2D) codes, both linear and complex ones
  • Fast, efficient, and reliable, thanks to Datalogic’s high-end technologies 
  • Omnidirectional reading
  • “Green Spot” technology for good-read feedback
  • Reduced visual stress with LED-based aiming system.
  • Advanced motion tolerance optics
  • Host download capability ready

Customer Applications: Retail – Point of Sale, Commercial Services, Postal, Banks, Public Administration, Utilities


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