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Datalogic PBT9300 Scanner

Datalogic PBT9300 Scanner- Powerscan, Auto-Ranging, Removable Battery, RS232 Kit, US, Includes: Bluetooth Base, Power Supply, RS232 Cable

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Datalogic PBT 9300 Scanner

Datalogic PowerScan PBT9300 comes standard with Bluetooth wireless technology and offers excellent reliability and reading performance, just like other products in the Data PowerScan series. It is a laser scanner designed to be ultra-portable and features many interfaces, including USB or Keyboard Wedge and Serial connectivity. The PowerScan PBT300 can be paired with any Bluetooth device connected to your work systems via Ethernet protocol. Thanks to the robust study design, it is an advanced and versatile scanner meant for various industries.

Features of Datalogic PBT9300 Scanner

  • Supports Bluetooth 3.0 standard wireless technology, Class 1 Range, up to 100m or 328ft.
  • Datalogic PBT9300 supports Ethernet connective and a host of other interfaces, Serial, USB or Keyboard Wedge, or direct connection to the commercial device.
  • The design is sturdy and robust yet ergonomic so that the operator can hold on to the device comfortably for scan-intensive operations.
  • This scanner can be mounted on a forklift using the Vehicle Mount Terminal (VMT) for seamless warehouse applications.

There are three (3) models to choose from:

  • A basic cordless model
  • A cordless model with a display and a 4-key keypad
  • The advanced model with a display and a full 16-key alphanumeric keyboard

All models come with reading optics for Standard Range (SR) or Auto Range (AR), reading distances up to 11.5m/37.0ft on reflective codes.

Customer Applications: Warehouse and Distribution Centers, Shipping and Receiving, Order Processing, Parcel Preparation, Pallet Tracking and Put away,  Manufacturing / Shop Floor, Work in Progress, Component Tracking, Quality Control, and Inventory



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