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Entrust SD 360 ID Card Printer

Entrust SD 360 ID Card Printer- Dual-Sided Printer,100 Card Input Hopper Mag Encoding, 3-year warranty

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Entrust SD 360

Entrust printers are among the best options in the market. They are typically portable, easy to use, multi-feature, secure, and offer high-quality printing. The Entrust SD360 is one of the company’s highest ID card printers. It is packed with so many good features. Aside from being fast and efficient, the Entrust Datacard SD360 printer offers optional upgrades to unlock more capabilities. It comes standard as a dual-sided printer and features many configurable parameters.

Feature Highlights

LCD Screen

As seen in other Entrust SD printers, the SD360 also features a multifunctional display in the front panel with soft button controls for easy customization.

Enhanced Security Features

The Entrust SD360 supports magnetic stripes and enhanced security features that help to checkmate unauthorized printing.

Anti-jam Card Handling

An exclusive card picking technology is integrated into this printer to ensure seamless and fast printing all the time.


This printer, at no additional charge, supports both USB and Ethernet connectivity.

Top-quality printing

With True Match printing technology, the new SD360 prints vibrant color cards. It produces up to 200 color cards in an hour and up to 850 monochrome cards.

Customer Applications: Transportation Transit, Financial/Banking Payment Cards, Government National ID Cards, Education Student ID Cards, Corporate Employee ID Badges, Security Access Control Cards



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