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Zebra ZXP Series 7 ID Card Printer

Zebra Card Printer, ZXP Series 7, Dual-Sided, Magnetic Encoder, USB And Ethernet Interface, Media Starter Kit, Includes: US Power Cord

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This advanced ID Card printer makes use of the latest technologies to meet the requirements of businesses. Its innovative design and adjustability features allow it to adjust according to the thickness of different ID Cards. Color-Coded guides on the ZXP Series 7 are designed to ease usage. The robust design of this printer is aimed at fitting every work environment. It offers edge-to-edge ID card printing along with the lamination ensuring a long-lasting life. The encoder has been added for added security. Printing, encoding, and laminating can be performed at one time easy to configure functionality resulting in increased productivity. You can switch between the single side and dual side card printing. Also, it comes with efficient lamination and different security and connectivity options for you to choose from. The quality hopper allows you to print up to 300 ID Cards in one time and get a near-photographic color depth. This printer is made compatible with most card types. Also, there are USB and Ethernet connectivity options, along with Magnetic, UHF/RFID, Mi-Fare, Contact & Contactless Encoding Options.


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