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Evolis Avansia ID Card Printer

Evolis Avansia ID Card Printer-Dual Sided Retransfer Printer with Smart Card And Contactless Encoder, USB And Ethernet, with a 3 Year Printer & Lifetime Printerhead Warranty

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Evolis Avansia ID Card Printer

The unique Evolis Avansia ID Card Printer packs a lot of features. It allows both single-sided as well as double-sided printing and lamination of high-definition cards. Having many encoding options, you can customize the printer’s functionality to suit your particular workplace needs. The magnetic stripe encoding supports its multifunctional card usage. For instance, contactless and smart cards are helpful in cashless payments and access control. It allows a user to print student ID cards, national ID cards, access control cards, social security cards, corporate ID cards, payment cards, driver’s licenses, and gift cards. The same input and output time allows you to have 250 cards printed without requiring a refill.

Some of the many unique print features of the Evolis Avansia that will be the perfect addition to your organization are

  • Magnetic Encoding
  • Dual smart card and contactless coding
  • Prints more than 30,000 cards in a year

Customer Applications: National ID, Drivers Licenses, Access Control Cards, Student ID Cards, Employee ID Cards, Payment Financial Cards.


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