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Magicard Prima 8 ID Card Printer

Dual Sided Retransfer Printing, 600 dpi. Warranty, 3 years, Card capacity: 100 card feeder, 100-card stacker USB & Ethernet


Magicard Prima

Validated with FIPS 201 certification to be the ideal ID card printer for governmental use and listed on the GSA Approved Product List, the Magicard Prima 8 is a sturdy and reliable printer for creating secure cards. It functions at an incredible speed, and yet, it doesn’t compromise on quality. Magicard Prima 8 follows a retransfer printing process to guarantee instant issuance and lamination.

Top Features

Retransfer/Reverse-transfer Printing

The retransfer printing process means that Magicard Prima 8 would first print images onto a thin film and then “retransfer” the print onto a card’s surface with “over-the-edge” printing – this process works very fast. It works perfectly for creating multi-function cards, cards with encoding, smart cards, and other cards with uneven surfaces.

High-quality, Vivid Print

Magicard Prima 8 supports edge-to-edge printing with a stunning 300-dpi resolution to give any identity or secure card a photographic-quality; this is also perfect for images and logos, thanks to the retransfer printing process. The vivid print quality of this printer remains one of its best (boasting) features.

Fast and Easy Printing

Magicard Prima 8 prints up to a hundred (100) cards in just one hour – this also makes it a large printer for enterprise businesses and even mid-sized companies. It takes only 36 seconds to print a single-sided ID card with Prima 8; it is inarguably one of the fastest retransfer printers of the moment.

UV Printing

You can apply the UV panel supported by Prima 8 for UV printing. The UV text or image will appear in “red” are not visible to the naked eye. This helps to improve your cards’ security and ensure that no one else would be able to counterfeit them.


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