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Evolis Badgy 200 ID Card Printer

Evolis Badgy 200 -Single-Sided card printer, 100 print color ribbon, 100 PVC cards 30mil, Dye Sublimation, YMCKO Print Speed: 95 Cards/Hour, Monochrome Print Speed: 325 Cards/Hour, 25 Card Input / 25 Card Output, USB 2.0 Connectivity


Evolis Badgy Card Printer

The Evolis Badgy card printing is a complete solution for printing personalized plastic identity or security cards. It is intuitive to use; it requires no special training, making it a great printer for everyone, including beginners. This printer is ready to print cards in batches, and it is speedy; hence, regardless of the number of cards needed to be printed, the Evolis Badgy would get everything ready within a short time.

Interestingly, this card printer comes with Badge Studio Plus card design software compatible with macOS and Windows OS computers. This card software makes card printing processes much easier and stress-free.

Features and Highlights:

  • 25-card input/output tray (front-operated)
  • Badge Studio Plus software
  • Badgy Premium Suite (for Windows PC)
  • Multiple badge templates (available as a library of templates)
  • A 30-day free trial window to test the Cloud Badging ID Software

One of the best features of the Evolis Badgy200 card printer is its photographic, full-color print quality. This printer releases full-color prints to the entire surface of a plastic card. For more security, Badgy200 can also print readable barcodes.

Also, there is almost nothing to set up here, and the Evolis Badgy200 system is made ready to print out of the box. However, you would need to run the installation CD, which instantly installs the Badge Studio Plus software, necessary driver, and the templates’ library.

Customer Applications: Staff ID Badges, School ID Cards, Membership Cards, Rewards Cards, Event Badges, Visitor Badges


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