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Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer

Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer- Single-Sided Printing, HoloKote & Rewritable Technology, Color Printing Hand-Fed Single Card Input Slot USB Mag Encoding, Warranty 2 Years Limited Warranty


Magicard Pronto

The Magicard Pronto printer is an easy-to-use, hand-fed card printer that helps you deliver on-demand printing jobs as fast as possible. It is the most suitable choice for card-printing companies and other businesses that need a printer for printing cards.

This printer comes with a 3-color LED display where you can clearly view different instructions and read the printer’s status. The design is just the way you like it – lightweight and compact, easy to carry about. Magicard Pronto delivers excellent printing results, thanks to the cutting-edge driver and integrated printing techs.

Feature Highlights:

 Intuitive Interface

This happens to be one of the best features of this printer, and it happens to be what everyone looking for a printer would consider an intuitive user interface. The LED display on Magicard Pronto displays status notifications and prompts. More so, the printer driver lets you fine-tune controls like image sharpening and coloring for better results.

Functional Design

Magicard Pronto is lightweight and flaunts a portable design, which makes it easy to carry about, and it had fit in any space for a desktop printer.

Card Security Tech

This printer comes with the manufacturer’s exclusive HoloKote tech, which allows the printer to print watermarks if need be. More interestingly, the watermark is printed during the initial card printing cycle; it uses the O panel of standard color ribbon.

Magnetic Stripe Encoding

This is an optional feature for the Magicard Pronto printer. It adds the ability to write data to cards at the time of printing so that the card(s) do not just appear as photo IDs.


Customer Applications: Small Business Staff ID Badges, Educations School ID Cards, Retail Membership/ Rewards Cards,  Visitor Management Visitor Badges


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