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AML LDX10 Mobile Computer

AML LDX10 Mobile Computer-Ccd Scanner, Dc Suite Sw, 3,200 Mah Battery, 24-Key Alphanumeric Keyboard


AML LDX10 Mobile Computer

The AML LDX10 is a next-gen mobile computer designed to offer high-efficiency, versatility, and flexibility at an affordable price. 

Product Highlights

Just as other AML products, the LDX10 is designed and engineered in the US. It is meant for light-duty jobs; however, it still works perfectly for virtually all kinds of applications. The price is very much affordable, making the LDX10 one of the most sought-after barcode data collection devices. Businesses that focus more on costs for acquiring new devices for use in running business operations take advantage of the affordability of AML LDX10 to achieve a high-end mobile computer that serves all needs.

Why Buy AML LDX10?

This mobile computer does not only come with an enticing price tag, but it also bags a bunch of pre-installed software packages, codenamed DC Suite, for high-efficiency and flexibility. Regardless of the business operation, you want to run AML LDX10’s DC suite supports a plethora of applications that meet various business needs. 

More so, this device does not require an external cradle for charging or communications, which saves you some cost. It merely charges via USB and can be connected to any compatible wall charger. The 3,200mAh battery guarantees long-lasting use after a full charge. Furthermore, LDX10 comes with the company’s proprietary Screen Flash technology for improved usability and awareness. 

Customer Applications: Inventory Control, Retail / Back Office, Check-In/Out, & Asset Tracking


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