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AML M7225 Mobile Computer

AML M7225 Mobile Computer-Batch, No Scanner, CE6.0, Alpha, Handle


AML M7225 Mobile Computer

A feature-rich handheld mobile computer device sold at an affordable price. AML 7225 can be used in different industries for various purposes; it is portable, lightweight, and versatile.

Product Highlights

AML 7225 is among the “top-rated” handheld computer systems in the market. It is designed with sturdy materials to guarantee long-lasting use and durability. The AML 7225 can be used in different environments, and it is richly featured. Designed to serve as a wireless handheld computer, the 7225 devices easily connect and integrates with your business software/hardware solutions. 

It is powered by Windows CE 6.0 and comes along with the Summit 802.11a/b/g radio. The display is a 3.5-inch high-color LCD with a touch panel.

Why Buy AML 7225?

With so many barcode data collection devices you would find in the market; however, the AML 7225 device outclasses most of them by integrating much more cutting-edge features that make it easier to operate and run day-to-day business operations. The device is available with a fully integrated Lorax “Near/Far” laser, 1D laser, or 2D Omni-directional imager. It further packs a long-lasting battery and serves for intensive jobs. Thanks to the Microsoft OS, users can try out some Windows-OS-specific actions and install 3rd-party apps. Also, the device can be available with or without a pistol-grip handle.

Recommended Applications: Warehousing/Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, Inventory Tracking, Receiving, Inventory transfers, picking, work-in-process tracking


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