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AML Scepter Mobile Computer

AML Scepter Mobile Computer- 802.11abgn, Laser, Num/Func, Camera


AML Scepter Mobile Computer

AML Scepter is believed, by most people, to be the best and most versatile barcode scanning mobile device.

Product Highlights

Scepter runs Android Nougat (v7.1) and comes with a formidable chipset for optimal performance. The AML Scepter is quite more significant than the AML Striker – offering a 5-inch display screen while Striker comes with a 4-inch display. The Scepter is equipped with a 1GHz quad-core processor, supports dual-band 802.11abgn WLAN radio, and BT BLE 4.0 radio provides wireless connections. AML Scepter mobile computer comes with many barcode scan engines, and there is an optional 5MP camera for interested customers. A dual-beam LED flashlight integrated into this device allows you to illuminate dark corners of a store or warehouse.

Why Buy AML Scepter

First, the device comes with a bigger screen, a 5-inch (127mm) color display screen, with a capacitive touch screen. This is the largest display you would ever find for a pistol-grip-handled mobile computer. More interestingly, the display is protected with tempered glass for added toughness.

Furthermore, AML Scepter comes with a built-in predictive text software, also known as “auto-correct software.” The traditional tactile keypad makes the Scepter easier to operate. When in dark environments, you can activate the dual high-intensity LEDs that serve as a flashlight to see clearly.




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