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AML Striker Mobile Computer

AML Striker Mobile Computer-802.11, 2D Imager, Alpha, Camera


AML Striker Mobile Computer

AML Striker mobile computer comes with a 47-key alphanumeric keyboard and supports a variety of handy features that make it the best choice for businesses.

Product Highlights

This device runs on Android 8.1 Oreo, packs a 1.8 GHz octa-core arm cortex microprocessor, and a 4-inch LCD 480 x 800 display. The device is also IP65 rated and includes a camera. Striker is extremely lightweight, portable, and meant to deliver demanding every-day jobs.

The AML striker design outclasses most other barcode data collection systems in the market by providing a bigger display, 4-inch LCD. AML Striker is the lightweight version of the AML Scepter; also, it features a dual-beam flashlight, a feature you would likely find on virtually all AML mobile computers.

Why Buy AML Striker?

AML Striker mobile computer system comes with much more contemporary features than its closest counterpart in the market. It also flaunts a compact yet durable design that complements the budget-friendly price. The AML Striker Mobile Computer was designed to operate in various industries, including the manufacturing industry, warehouse/distribution industry, back-office retail, and many others. It is affordable., versatile, lightweight, portable, and suit for multi-purpose.

Furthermore, AML Striker’s body is built with FDA-approved antimicrobial plastic. It meets the standards for various markets. Striker comes with Ivanti’s Velocity terminal emulation software powered by Wave link. It also supports a text-based terminal emulation client for VT220 applications.


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