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AML TDX20 Mobile Computer

AML TDX20 Mobile Computer- 1D Linear Imager, 802.11bgn, BlueTooth.


AML TDX20 Mobile Computer

AML TDX20 is the upgraded version of TDX10. It is expected to come with more advanced features and probably cost a little more.

Product Highlights

The AML TDX20 mobile computer is a handheld barcode data collection device that also works for other purposes. It is also designed, assembled, and engineered in the United States. This device comes with a built-in Internet Explorer, and this is great for users that work with cloud-based business systems. TDX20 wireless handheld computer is ultra-portable, lightweight, and provides unmatched convenience. The device is designed for light-to-medium duty environments, and it connects wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

Why Buy AML TDX20?

It is the successor of AML TDX10, and thus, it comes with more features and supports updated techs. This mobile computing device is pre-loaded with AML’s DC Suite software, which provides a wide variety of solutions for handling various business tasks. AML’s DC Suite can be activated wireless via Wi-Fi; however, you need to purchase the DC Uplink license. Furthermore, AML TDX20 runs Windows CE 6.0 Pro so that it can accept third-party software applications. It is not just affordable, but it guarantees high efficiency and versatility.

Customer Applications: Warehouse, Back-office retail, Inventory Counts, & Asset Tracking


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