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Should You Switch to a Self-Checkout System?

Before barcodes were used in card reader ID systems almost everywhere, their use was limited only to trains. They were invented in 1951 by two American inventors, and the barcode technology was used primarily by the American Railroad Association. It would take 20 years, however, before their use expanded beyond cataloging train cars and equipment.

When the Uniform Grocery Product Code Council decided to use barcodes in store inventory systems, the use of barcodes caught on, and, today, barcodes can be found on almost all types of products. Some stores even opt for barcode-powered self-checkout systems to further streamline the shopping experience of their customers. Here are a few ways how self-checkout systems can benefit your business.

Shorter Wait Times

Grocery stores with traditional cashier systems supplemented by self-checkout counters are more efficient. You can even explore card printing solutions on printing membership and discount cards to customers so they can take advantage of any marketing program you may have. All this contributes to much shorter lines and better customer satisfaction overall.

Improved Productivity

Consider how much time you spend maintaining a cashier’s counter compared to smaller self-checkout kiosks. Cleaning and maintenance becomes so much faster, which means you can open more counters to serve more customers. Redirect the time you used to spend to clean up these areas into building a better shopping environment for your patrons instead.

Better Overall

Make sure your barcodes are printed by a quality barcode maker. This ensures that there are minimal errors in scanning. Self-checkout also eliminates up to 50% of losses caused by human error. Moreover, a lot of customers even prefer doing their shopping and finishing their purchase on their own, without any interruption from having to talk with cashiers.

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